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Bunny Honey Premium Alfalfa Hay offers a deliciously sweet flavor and a soft texture that pets simply adore. Alfalfa is exceptionally rich in fiber, protein,
and digestible energy, making it an excellent nutritional choice for older, pregnant, or nursing pets. Whether you're looking to enhance your rabbit's, chinchilla's, guinea pig's, or other small pet's diet, or simply wish to spoil them with a tasty treat,
our alfalfa hay is a perfect pick.Carefully cultivated with the specific needs of small pets in mind, this premium hay supports both digestive and dental health, ensuring your beloved companion
thrives. Trust in Bunny Honey's commitment to quality for a hay that's not just nutritious, but also irresistibly delicious.

Alfalfa 5lb

SKU: Alfalfa6-fba
PriceFrom $21.60
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$21.60every month until canceled
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