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Pets that love to nibble or use Alfalfa Hay

At Bunny Honey, we know why animals can't resist our alfalfa hay! Our carefully crafted alfalfa hay boasts a fresh and vibrant green color, enticing aroma, and rich flavor that animals love. Packed with essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, and vitamins, our alfalfa hay promotes optimal health and well-being for your beloved pets. The natural chewing action required to enjoy our hay also supports dental health, ensuring happy and healthy teeth for your furry friends. When you choose Bunny Honey, you're providing your pets with an irresistible and nutritious treat they'll adore. Give them the best – give them Bunny Honey alfalfa hay!

What pets love Bunny Honey Alfalfa?


  • Rabbits: Alfalfa hay is often recommended for young and pregnant rabbits due to its high nutritional content. However, adult rabbits can also enjoy it in moderation.
  • Guinea Pigs: Guinea pigs benefit from the nutrients in alfalfa hay, especially younger ones, pregnant, or nursing guinea pigs.
  • Chinchillas: Chinchillas can consume alfalfa hay as part of their diet, but it should be provided in limited quantities due to its high calcium content.
  • Degus: Degus can enjoy alfalfa hay as a supplemental treat, but it should not be their primary food due to its high calorie and calcium levels.
  • Young or Growing Rodents: Some young or growing rodents, like baby hamsters or mice, may occasionally eat alfalfa hay to support their rapid growth and development.

Alfalfa Hay & Timothy Hay

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